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Wage And Hour Lawyer Houston TX

Wage And Hour Lawyer Houston TX

You Deserve The Pay You Worked For

Armstrong & Associates believes that every employee should be given the same respect and loyalty that employers demand of their employees. Federal and state laws require an employer to follow many rules to make sure you are fully paid for your time, have dignity in your day-to-day work environment and receive fair treatment when your employment ends. Below are examples of situations we can help you with:

  • Avoiding payment of overtime (federal law requires you be paid time and a half for all hours worked over 40 hours per week) by misclassifying you as exempt, not counting all the hours you are at work or “on call,” asking you to work “off the clock”
  • Failing to pay you for all your time worked by not counting time you’ve had to work through unpaid meal or other breaks, attend required training, travel time, waiting at work to start a job, being on call, or after you stop work but are still at the work site
  • Misclassifying you as an independent contractor in order to avoid paying overtime and avoid providing employee benefits such as health insurance, and denying you unemployment compensation
  • Withholding commissions or bonuses that you’ve been promised
  • After termination, not providing your final paycheck in the time required by law, interfering with your right to unemployment compensation by wrongly claiming that you resigned or were terminated for misconduct

If your employer violates wage-and-hour laws, you are entitled to be compensated for the wages you’ve been wrongly denied and in some instances additional compensation through penalties against your employer (including payment of your attorney fees and costs). And when your employer interferes with your entitlement to unemployment compensation through the Texas Workforce Commission, we can help you win those benefits to get you through to your next job.

You work hard for a living and you deserve every penny you’ve earned. Call us today if you believe your employer has incorrectly handled your compensation or work hours. Dial 713-960-6646 or send an email now.

Wage And Hour Lawyer Houston TX
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