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Susan Young

Susan Young

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Susan Young is a certified Paralegal, having received her training and education at the Southwestern Paralegal Institute.  During her decades long career in law, she has worked for attorneys since college in such fields as insurance defense, product liability, personal injury, corporate, transaction, probate, real estate, immigration, and oil & gas. 

Beginning in 2005, Ms. Young has found great reward in helping those with employment problems or needs.  Her primary role within Armstrong & Associates is to listen carefully to the fact scenario presented so that she can convey an accurate account to the attorney and then to answer the attorney’s questions for preliminary assessment.  This could require more than one communication with prospective clients by following-up with them for additional information at times, when necessary, outside regular business hours. 

This saves the prospective client time and money while still providing a meaningful response.  Because of her long career working with attorneys’ clients, Ms. Young brings a mature perspective to work situations and respects the confidence of prospective clients. There is no charge for this initial screening process.