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Many people are so excited when they start a job that they sign employment documents without thinking twice. If your employer asks you to sign any type of contract, you should always have an attorney look at it first. If that document is a noncompete agreement, sometimes referred to as “a covenant not to compete,” you run the risk of stifling your future career.

Armstrong & Associates has over 30 years of experience guiding and representing employees with questions and concerns about their workplace. If your employer is asking you to sign a non-compete agreement, come to us to get the facts and have your agreement reviewed. Our firm helps professionals across many industries vital to the Houston area.

What Does A Noncompete Agreement Do?

A noncompete agreement is a contract between employer and employee stating that the employee agrees not to work for certain competitors if he or she ever leaves the company. They may also limit the employee’s ability to start their own competing business in the area. They often have a limited scope in terms of time and geography. Companies generally cannot bar an employee from ever working in the same field again if they leave.

Noncompete Agreements Under Texas Law

Texas law allows businesses to require employees to sign noncompete agreements, but these agreements must be enforceable. The main requirement is that they must be reasonable. The definition of “reasonable” can often be up for debate, however.

In Texas, the courts have generally held that a reasonable geographical area only includes those areas where the employee actually worked for the employer. The time frame is a little more difficult to define and tends to vary based on the field of work but still must have limits. Finally, Texas also limits the scope of the restrictions. They do vary but generally can limit contact with current customers of the company.

Our attorneys have the skill set to address your industry-specific needs no matter what job you are in including:

The rules are not hard and fast when it comes to these agreements. Only an experienced attorney can give you solid legal advice and recommend changes. We are happy to do that for you before you sign a contract that may limit your future career prospects.

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Contracts & Non-Competes
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