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The labyrinth of executive compensation can be daunting, necessitating specialized expertise to navigate successfully. As a C-suite executive at the helm of corporate decision-making, the complexities involved in your transition into or out of leadership roles are enormous. These transitions often involve the negotiation of intricate multimillion-dollar compensation or severance packages. During such pivotal moments, the guidance of a seasoned legal expert is paramount.

Under the distinguished leadership of Jacqueline (Jackie) Armstrong, Armstrong & Associates offers comprehensive legal counsel for these challenges. Our services cover the twin facets of executive compensation – negotiation and litigation – with equal expertise.

Whether you’re a CEO, President, or other high-ranking executive poised for a challenging new role or transition, our primary objective is to protect your interests. We work diligently to ensure that your compensation mirrors your true worth in the corporate world.

Safeguarding Your Rights and Interests During Executive Transitions

Executive roles demand more than a commitment to stipulated working hours—they require an intense intellectual and emotional investment in the organization. Therefore, when transitions occur, it is vital that this devotion is recognized and duly rewarded.

Regrettably, employers may not always prioritize your well-being. Here are some potential scenarios that might require preparation and legal guidance:

• A severance package being manipulated to suppress whistleblowing or conceal wrongful termination.

• Wage and hour disputes or violations veiled as an executive compensation package.

• A severance proposal deployed to quash allegations of workplace discrimination or harassment.

At Armstrong & Associates, we are dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge and legal representation required to navigate these situations, ensuring fair negotiation of your executive compensation.

The Risks of Delaying Legal Action and the Importance of Prompt Counsel

Negotiations over executive compensation can be fraught with challenges and might not always result in a favorable outcome. In instances where your employer overlooks the terms of your original agreement or engages in questionable behavior, prompt legal intervention is crucial.

Our team at Armstrong & Associates utilizes its substantial experience to detect such issues swiftly, facilitating confident navigation of negotiation processes. Delays in seeking legal redress could imperil your compensation package and threaten your financial security, painstakingly built over your career. With our support, you will have the necessary resources to counter potential biases from your employer.

Armstrong & Associates: Advocating for Executive Rights for Over Three Decades

At the helm of Armstrong & Associates is Jacqueline (Jackie) Armstrong, a seasoned attorney with over 30 years of experience. Advocating for executives throughout Texas, we operate based on a firm ethos of empathy and precision. We listen attentively to our clients, comprehending their concerns fully before initiating any negotiation or litigation proceedings.

When you engage our services, you partner with a team possessing decades of legal mastery gained by representing top-tier executives. We meticulously dissect proposed compensation or severance packages and guide you through negotiations to secure the best possible outcome. Our approach fuses profound knowledge, strategic planning, and resolute advocacy, providing you with a commanding presence at the negotiation table.

While we endeavor to resolve matters amicably through negotiation, we are prepared to take issues to court if necessary. Our firm’s litigation history includes successful cases against some of Texas’ largest corporations, showcasing our capacity to excel in high-stakes litigation.

Our Clients: Diverse Executives, Unified Goals

Armstrong & Associates serves a wide spectrum of executives from various industries. Our distinguished clientele includes:

• C-suite executives, chairpersons, presidents, directors.

• Licensed medical professionals, including physicians.

• Oil and gas company executives.

• High-performing sales professionals.

• Tech company executives.

Whether you’re working with a Fortune 500 company or a rising startup, we’re eager to discuss your case and offer personalized guidance.

Compensation Consultancy: Planning for Executive Prosperity

Executive compensation isn’t just about base salaries—it includes a wide range of benefits and incentives, each requiring careful consideration. We assist executives in negotiating favorable packages that optimize their overall income while minimizing tax liabilities. Our services include:

• Golden Handshake and Golden Parachute agreements.

• Health and life benefits, along with 401K provisions.

• Deferred compensation.

• Severance pay agreements.

• Clear terms of salary and bonuses.

• Stocks and stock options.

• Supplemental retirement plans.

Holistic Legal Advocacy: Putting Employee Rights First

At Armstrong & Associates, we extend our services beyond executive compensation to cover various employee rights issues:

• Severance agreements in the event of company takeovers, mass layoffs, or termination.

• Workplace discrimination, including sexual harassment, bullying.

• Wrongful termination and employer retaliation.

• Wage and hour disputes.

• Workplace civil rights violations.

If you suspect a violation of your rights, consult legal expertise before confronting your employer. We aim to correct any imbalance, ensuring employer accountability and preventing potential exploitation post-termination.

Exclusivity in Representation: Prioritizing Employees

Unlike many firms, Armstrong & Associates exclusively represents employees, eschewing representation of employers in executive compensation matters. This intentional alignment underscores our unwavering commitment to upholding employee rights. By centering our focus on the unique needs and objectives of employees, we effectively eliminate potential conflicts of interest.

This approach empowers us to guide executives to favorable compensation outcomes, fostering a track record of success rooted in our client-focused methodology. In the realm of executive compensation and litigation, we stand as a beacon of trust, championing your cause with single-minded dedication.

Engage Armstrong & Associates: Your Advocates in Executive Compensation and Litigation

As an executive on the move, the negotiation of an exhaustive and fair compensation package is far from optional—it is a paramount requisite. These pivotal moments in your career carry not only immediate fiscal connotations but also shape your long-term financial landscape significantly. The judicious choices made during this period can lay a strong groundwork for future professional ventures and sustainable financial growth.

For over 30 years, Armstrong & Associates has tirelessly championed for employees, especially executives navigating the intricate terrains of compensation and litigation. Our track record of client advocacy is testament to our competence and dedication. We stand ready to assist you in negotiating or litigating your executive compensation, guaranteeing your hard-earned value is fully recognized and aptly compensated.

Aligning with Armstrong & Associates means aligning with a formidable ally, resolute in securing your rightful compensation. For an in-depth discussion of your specific circumstances and how we can assist, contact us at (713) 960-6646 or reach us via our website.

Executive Compensation & Litigation
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