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What Can You Do if a Competitive Coworker is Undermining Your Career?

No matter your industry or professional background, navigating the intricate dynamics of coworker relationships can be a delicate endeavor – particularly at the executive level. When a competitive colleague resorts to underhanded tactics that can impact your professional advancement, the situation demands a strategic and judicious approach.

At Armstrong & Associates, our team of seasoned employment attorneys represents clients striving to preserve their hard-earned careers and reputations. With a deep understanding of the complexities of workplace conflicts, we provide comprehensive counsel to protect your rights and steer your career in the right direction.

How to Spot Common Undermining Tactics

Competition is a normal and healthy part of business in professional environments with high-performing employees. However, when some individuals begin to see others as a threat to their advancement, they may seek other, less professional ways to undermine their competition.

Competitive colleagues may employ many tactics to sabotage your professional success. Recognizing these insidious behaviors is the first step in mitigating their impact and protecting your reputation and career trajectory. Some common tactics to be aware of include:

  • Spreading misinformation or gossiping about your work performance
  • Taking credit for your ideas or accomplishments
  • Excluding you from crucial meetings or communications
  • Attempting to discredit your expertise or authority

While some of these tactics may sound juvenile, they occur daily in executive boardrooms and C-suite offices nationwide. Understanding how these tactics can impact your professional reputation and career is crucial.

For example, gossip and rumor-mongering are powerful tools that can erode your credibility over time, casting doubt on your competence and character. Gaslighting, a form of psychological manipulation, is another related tactic where the perpetrator distorts reality, causing you to question your own perceptions and judgments.

Preserving Professionalism

When presented with a competitive coworker’s undermining tactics, the temptation to retaliate or stoop to their level can be strong. However, it’s critical to maintain professionalism and keep your composure. Responding in kind may provide temporary satisfaction but can ultimately backfire, damaging your reputation and lending credence to the narrative crafted by your detractor.

The best way to rise above pettiness in a corporate environment is to continue exhibiting ethical behavior and uphold the highest professional standards. Take care to document instances of undermining conduct objectively, without embellishment or emotion. If communicating directly fails to resolve the issue, it may be time to speak with a savvy attorney who is experienced in corporate politics and negotiations. 

Attorney Jacqueline Armstrong assists corporate executives as they navigate this potentially mine-filled landscape.  She counsels her clients, so they know when and how to escalate their concerns through the proper channels. Often, by following Jacqueline’s guidance, her clients are able to handle difficult co-workers without the need to involve their  superiors, human resources, or file a lawsuit. 

Professionalism is a powerful deterrent against those seeking to discredit you. By maintaining integrity, you protect your reputation and establish yourself as the more principled party, nullifying the impact of underhanded tactics.

Building a Support Network

Being targeted at work can be a very isolating experience, meaning it’s even more crucial to cultivate a strong network of allies within your organization. Surround yourself with trusted colleagues who value your contributions and can provide a counter-narrative to undermining efforts.

Foster positive relationships with coworkers and reports. Seek out mentors and other experienced professionals in your field who can offer guidance, advocacy, and a broader perspective on the situation. Maintain open communication with your superiors, informing them of your accomplishments, challenges, and the impact of undermining behaviors.

A robust and diverse support network serves as a bulwark against the erosive effects of a competitive coworker’s tactics. These professional allies can provide emotional support, help validate your experiences, and counter misinformation with factual, first-hand accounts of your performance and professionalism.

Bolstering Your Credibility

One of the best ways to fight against attempts to discredit you is to take steps to reinforce your credibility and showcase your value to the organization. You can counteract any negative narrative being propagated by consistently delivering exemplary work and actively contributing to your company’s success.

Be sure to document your accomplishments, contributions, and positive feedback from clients, colleagues, or superiors. Maintain a comprehensive portfolio highlighting your expertise, problem-solving abilities, and the tangible results you’ve achieved for the organization. Identify and request opportunities to take the lead on projects or initiatives that allow you to showcase your leadership skills and expertise.

Investing in professional development and training to enhance your knowledge and skills is also valuable. Attend conferences, pursue certifications, and enroll in courses to continue to grow your skillset. Look for opportunities to speak, advise, or consult when appropriate. 

When you continuously take steps to prove your worth and value, you neutralize any attempts to undermine your performance and achievements. Your continued pursuit of success will speak louder than any disparaging remarks from undermining coworkers. 

Seeking Legal Counsel

Having an employment attorney on your side is always a good idea for professionals, especially those at the executive or C-suite level. Still, in severe instances where the undermining tactics cross legal boundaries, such as discrimination, harassment, or retaliation, consulting an experienced employment attorney is imperative. Your attorney will take an objective look at the situation and provide comprehensive guidance on the appropriate legal recourse available to you.

An attorney can advise you on formally documenting the offenses, filing complaints through proper channels, and navigating internal grievance procedures. They can also ensure you know your rights and protections under employment laws, shielding you from further mistreatment or retaliation.  Even more importantly, they can guide you prior to filing any grievances to protect you from potentially negative impacts of going to human resources ill prepared.

If the situation escalates or the employer fails to address the issue appropriately, an employment attorney can represent you in pursuing legal action, such as filing a lawsuit for a hostile work environment, wrongful termination, or other violations. Their advocacy can safeguard your job, reputation, and financial well-being while seeking justice and deterring future misconduct.

Safeguard Your Career Against Undermining with Armstrong & Associates

If you encounter a competitive coworker who is undermining your career, it is essential to act promptly and decisively. At Armstrong & Associates, our team of skilled employment attorneys is dedicated to providing professional guidance and comprehensive representation. We understand the complexities of workplace conflicts and are committed to safeguarding your rights and protecting your professional reputation.

Jacqueline Armstrong has a decades-long reputation for her unwavering commitment to upholding employee rights and protecting your professional reputation. Let our team work on your behalf to preserve and protect everything you’ve built.

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