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What does right-to-work mean?

Right-to-work is a misunderstood concept when it comes to employment law. It refers to rights concerning union membership.

In Texas, the right-to-work law prevents employers from refusing to hire individuals based on union membership.

Involvement or not in a union

The right-to-work law in Texas states that an employer cannot deny you employment because you are a member of a union or are not a member. Union membership cannot be a deciding factor when it comes to hiring people.

Additional protection

The right-to-work law also protects you against any type of retaliation because of your union membership status. Your employer cannot threaten you or otherwise take action against you because you choose to join or not to join a union.

It includes that your employer cannot make you pay union dues if you decide not to join the union. Dues cannot be a condition of employment. Dues also include any type of payment made in agreements with the union.

Your employer cannot include any clauses or other statements within your employment contract or agreement pertaining to matters that are illegal under the right-to-work laws.

Exception to the law

The only exception is if you work in a federal enclave. Federal law applies in these situations and takes precedence over state law.

You are the only one who has the right to decide if you will become a member of a union. Right-to-work laws help protect you against pressure or other actions that could influence your decision or otherwise force you to either join or not join a union.


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