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Thousands of wage theft claims see months of waiting in Texas

When an employee makes a contract with an employer, there is a lot to understand about that company’s specific stipulations. There are also many details listed in state law around that agreement that is vital for employees to understand to get what they earn with their labor.

While the media may highlight instances of larceny or burglary, there are many instances of wage theft in Texas. As CBS DFW reports, thousands of Texas workers have wage theft claims pending long months of investigation.

Claims against employers

There have been nearly 150,000 claims made against employers who have failed to pay their workers. This may be due to unpaid overtime, failing to pay for all time worked or misclassifying employees. These claims go to the Texas Workforce Commission which investigates the case and determines whether they can act on it.

Over half fall through due to a lack of evidence, workers withdrawing their claims or other reasons. Though as of now, 37,000 claims since 2010 have seen workers recouping money.

Penalties and recovery

If the TWC discovers evidence of wage theft, Texas employers find themselves on a list that keeps them from doing business with the state. However, the Workers’ Defense Project feels that one of the biggest problems is that employers face very few consequences for wage theft.

Those seeking to recoup stolen wages they earned in Texas frequently have anywhere from two months to a year to wait through an investigation. This process may go smoother with proper support, information for filing and help when documenting evidence.


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