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Is your employer following the rules when terminating you?

Knowing you are about to lose your job may shatter your plans. With your financial security ripped away, you may not pay attention to how your employer terminates your employment.

Companies must adhere to a strict protocol to ensure that your termination is lawful. Take a look at some steps an employer should take if your dismissal is for the right reasons.

What was the reason?

As a full-time employee instead of a contract worker, the company cannot dismiss you without cause. Lawful termination occurs when an employer has no legal basis for terminating you. If you belong to a protected class based on your gender, race, age or disability, then your employer needs to document every aspect of your termination to ensure there is no discrimination.

If you believe your termination occurred due to bias, you have the right to take action against the company.

Did you get a final paycheck?

You did not get a job to go without a paycheck, which extends to those last hours before your severance from the company. Under Texas law, your employer must remit any outstanding paychecks to you within six days of your termination. If this does not happen, you have the right to

Discriminatory practices at companies may lead to the wrongful termination of employees who do not fit the mold or who speak out against unfair practices. Should you find yourself getting a pink slip without a viable reason, you may have the right to take action and file a lawsuit for wrongful termination.


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