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Women with power suffer more sexual harassment at work

The results of a 2020 workplace sexual harassment study surprised researchers. It turns out that women in supervisory roles experience more harassment at work than those in low or entry-level positions.

The study was conducted by researchers at the Stockholm University and involved women from three nations: Sweden, Japan and the United States. The results indicate that women holding supervisory positions suffered similar rates of harassment in all three countries.

How was the study conducted?

Researchers used two methods to arrive at their conclusions. They used a list of questions for the participants to answer, and they asked about sexual harassment directly. Below are some highlights from the study, showing that female supervisors are not immune from harassment.

  • Women supervisors at the lowest level suffer the most sexual harassment – 30 to 100% more than those in higher and lower positions.
  • Women in top-level positions experience less harassment, but the rate is still higher than among women in entry-level positions.
  • When reporting workplace sexual harassment, women in supervisory roles suffered more retaliation than those in lower positions.
  • Women division heads reported the highest rate of harassment in the U.S., with female department heads reporting the second-highest rate.
  • American women holding supervisor jobs experience sexual harassment more than those in the other study nations with similar work positions.

As you can see, the U.S. has a long way to go in eliminating sexual harassment in the workplace. Those who suffer from this form of mistreatment (both women and men) can do their part to help by reporting sexual harassment.

If you are a Houston, Texas, victim of sexual harassment, you might want to do more than simply report your experience. A good first step is to learn about sexual harassment laws in the state. The knowledge you gain can help you find a solution for your workplace mistreatment.


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