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3 ways to cope with a noncompete agreement

You probably signed a noncompete agreement without much afterthought when you were hired. After all, you weren’t thinking of leaving your job any time soon. However, recent developments have found you mulling over how to get out of the agreement you signed earlier.

Usually, a noncompete agreement prohibits you from working in a  competing business within a particular geographical area for a specified period. This may limit your choices when looking for a new job. Below are the options that you may have on a way out.

You can choose to see out the agreement

If you can wait until the prescribed period is over, that may be the easiest way of getting out of the noncompete agreement. If the period is too long or your needs are urgent, however, this may not be a viable option.

Additionally, if your noncompete agreement binds you within a certain mile radius, working beyond that geographical limit means that the terms of the agreement do not apply.

Ask for an early release

You can ask your former company to release you from the noncompete agreement. However, you first need to find out their interests in the agreement and assure them that your release will not harm them in any way. In addition, you may find some loopholes when going through the agreement that can give you more negotiating power.

Go to court

If everything else fails and you think that your noncompete agreement is unreasonable, you can choose to challenge it in court. If the agreement is deemed infeasible given the geographical region or time it covers, the courts may void it.

Most importantly, it is important to make informed decisions with the future in mind before agreeing to a noncompete agreement. If possible, negotiate some of the terms which you think may come back to haunt you once you leave the job.


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