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What should a part-time physician employment contract cover?

Part-time physician employment has become increasingly popular in recent years as more physicians strive to achieve a favorable work-life balance. As part-time physician roles grow in popularity, contracts related to part-time physician employment are becoming more and more necessary.

Before you accept a position as a part-time physician, you want to have a clear contract in place that addresses certain matters related to your employment. More specifically, you may want to make sure your contract addresses, at least, the following areas.

Your schedule and compensation

Your part-time employment contract should stipulate exactly what days and hours your employer expects you to work. It should also address how your employer plans to pay you for less-than-full-time work.

Information about your workspace and staff

Your contract should also detail where your employer expects you to work and whether it plans to give you any support staff to assist you.

Benefits information

Your benefits package may look quite a bit different as a part-time physician, rather than a full-time one. If you negotiate any changes to your employer’s standard benefits package available for full-time employees, your contract should detail as much.

Office policies and procedures

Your contract should also stipulate the policies and procedures to which you must adhere as a part-time worker. It may also address what circumstances might be grounds for ending the part-time employment relationship.

The above provisions are all necessary and important parts of a part-time physician employment contract. However, this is not an exhaustive summary of all areas you may want yours to address.


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