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Are you the victim of wrongful termination?

Finding out that your employer terminated your contract can create feelings of confusion and anger. What is even more demoralizing is finding out that your employer acted unfairly in letting you go.

Understanding which behaviors qualify as wrongful termination can help you decipher whether or not you are a victim of unlawful behavior. Assessing your situation can help you determine your next steps.

Contract violation

In preparation for beginning your new job at the start of your employment, chances are you signed an employment agreement. This contract defines the conditions of your employment and identifies the obligations and expectations of both you and your employer. According to Indeed, spend some time reading your employment contract.

Compare your employer’s reason for terminating your contract with the terms and conditions you signed. Their reason should align with what is in the contract. If you notice discrepancies, you could very well be the victim of unlawful termination. If they have violated your contract, you may still have access to your benefits, as well as compensatory damages.

Discriminatory practices

Discrimination can take on many forms including sexual, gender, compensation and age. Just like your employer agrees to avoid discriminatory practices during the hiring process, they also agree not to practice discrimination when terminating employees.

If you have reported federal violations, you may also be the subject of retaliation. You have rights as an employee and one of those is to work in a safe environment. If your employer lets you go for reporting concerns, they not only violated your rights, they have unlawfully terminated your contract which is punishable by law.


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