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What are examples of non physical sexual harassment?

In the Texas workplace, you have protection from various forms of harassment. Physical sexual harassment is one of the most blatant examples. But harassment is not limited to physical circumstances. 

You can suffer from non physical sexual harassment, too. The first step to protecting yourself is learning how to identify it. 

Verbal harassment

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission discusses sexual harassment in the workplace. Of course, physical sexual harassment is a big issue that still requires addressing in the modern workplace. But non physical sexual harassment often slides beneath the radar, overshadowed by the bigger and more obvious problems that physical sexual harassment create. 

Non physical sexual harassment comes in many different forms. The first are verbal. This can include catcalling or making lewd, inappropriate remarks about someone’s sexuality. Even if the cat-caller has no intention of touching you, the verbal remark alone is enough to constitute harassment. 

Jokes, threats and coercion

It can even include disparaging jokes targeting your sex or gender. An example includes someone telling a female coworker to “get back in the kitchen”. Malicious rumors intent on targeting a victim for their sex also counts as harassing behavior. 

Threats and coercion can also fall under this umbrella. For example, an employer may threaten to demote you if you refuse to perform certain sexual acts. On the other hand, they may offer a promotion if you give them sexual favors. 

If you face threats of sexual violence or other forms of non physical sexual harassment, there are paths of action available. Discuss your situation with a legal expert today. 


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