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NFL team faces sexual harassment allegations

NFL fans in Texas may be interested to learn that the Washington Football Team, formerly called the Redskins, has found itself at the center of another controversy. According to recent media reports, 15 women have come forward to accuse team employees of sexual harassment. The men accused of sexual and verbal harassment are no longer employed by the Washington Football Team, but the conduct allegedly took place between 2006 and 2019.

Only one victim was willing to speak on the record, as the other 14 women opted to remain anonymous. The 14 anonymous females cited fear of legal repercussions for violating signed non-disclosure agreements.

The named woman described her time in the Washington marketing department as the “most miserable experience of her life.” She says that she and her female coworkers tolerated the behavior because they were constantly reminded that there were thousands of people who would happily take their jobs.

Washington head coach, Ron Rivera, who is entering his first season with the team, has vowed that there will be changes made to the existing culture of the team. Rivera pointed out that his own daughter is now an employee of the team. He has ensured that there will be an open door policy with no fear of retribution for reporting inappropriate behavior.

The Washington Football Team has hired an independent law firm to conduct an investigation into the practices and culture of the team. A local attorney will also help create new policies and procedures for the future.

Someone who has been the victim of sexual harassment is encouraged to contact an attorney immediately. A lawyer may ask for details of the behavior, contact other individuals who may have witnessed the situation and then contact the human resource department of the company in question. This could all lead to hold those responsible accountable.


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