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How to report wage violations

The Texas Payday Law administered by the Texas Workforce Commission supports workers in the state who seek to recover unpaid wages. In many cases, wage disputes can be settled between an employer and an employee with a conversation. TWC suggests an employee who thinks a problem exists with their pay discuss the problem first with there employer. They should also inform the employer about the Texas Payday Law before filing a complaint.

Employees who feel it is in their best interest to file a claim against their employer for wage and hour violations must do so within 180 days from the date the wages were due to them. The claim should describe the type of wages due to the employee. Furthermore, the employee should explain the method used to calculate the amount owed to them. A separate claim is necessary for each employer that owes money to the person filing the claims.

TWC accepts claims through its online system and also makes paper forms available to Texas residents who want to file their claims through mail or fax. The commission claims that completing the process online provides the fastest and most accurate results.

Once the wage claim is received, TWC will notify the filer that the case is being considered by the commission and provide the employee with a brief overview of the complete process. An agent will also inform the employer of the action against them. The employer will then have an opportunity to respond to the claim against them.

TWC will next conduct a thorough investigation of the claim. Both employer and employee will receive notification of the commission’s conclusion once the investigation is complete.

It is only fair that workers receive correct wages for the labor they provide. Employees who feel they have not received the compensation owed for work they have completed may benefit from speaking with an employment attorney.


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