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Sexual harrassment can happen in any work environment

Sexual harassment at work comes in a wide variety of scenarios, and many times it actually occurs in unsuspecting places in an open work environment. And while most people work in a traditional commercial business operation in Texas, sexual harassment can even happen in unique employment situations. Such was the case in a recent California sexual harassment case involving a major television network and film production company. Several individuals who worked on the set of a prominent television series that ran for 15 seasons on a major national network were actually listed as defendants along with the parent production company.

The case also exemplifies how complicated sexual harassment lawsuits can become. While the case centers around the actions of the director of photography, it also extends to company management officials who did nothing to quell the behavior beyond terminating the individuals who filed complaints. Retaliation from corporate management is a major element of many sexual harassment cases, and especially when they have forced employees to accept the behavior as an unspoken condition of employment.

The retaliation and demands of compliance creates vicarious liability for the company overseeing the product as well as the primary actor. The ultimate responsibility to stop the behavior in a timely fashion falls on the employer in all sexual harassment cases in any work environment, but many times the individuals in charge who fail to provide workplace protections can be personally liable for negligence along with the parent company or corporation.

An experienced sexual harassment attorney in Houston can investigate the claim and identify all potentially negligent parties who can be pursued for financial damages in addition to the employer by pinpointing their role in the activity. Sexual harassment cases are different in this regard in many instances, and it always takes aggressive experienced legal counsel to effectively present a sexual harassment case for a successful outcome due to the competing versions of most testimonial evidence.


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