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How an attorney can help you during contract negotiation

Going through a contract negotiation alone can feel terrifying. You may feel at a disadvantage if you don’t understand the complex details and stipulations embedded in it. Yet, with the help of an attorney, you can clarify this challenging process. And you may save yourself from signing an unfair agreement while doing so.

An attorney will notice details you may miss

If you’re reviewing a contract by yourself, you may miss some of its fine print. An employment lawyer knows how to spot these details. They may have insight into the company’s negotiation process that could help you. And your attorney will also advocate on your behalf if they discover disadvantageous details. They can tell if your contract would lead to inadequate compensation or an underwhelming benefits package on your part. And they can identify clauses that could lead to circumstances of unfair termination. Since these terms may harm you, your lawyer can help you negotiate a better contract.

Many contracts contain non-compete agreements

You may not plan on working for your new employer forever. And you might hope to share your talents with a competitor in the future. Yet, your contract may contain a non-complete clause that will prevent you from doing so for a certain period after leaving your new employer. These agreements protect companies’ trade secrets. But they harm employees through their binding nature. An attorney can help you understand the restrictiveness of a non-compete agreement. And they can protect you from breaching it through no fault of your own.

Employment contracts can confuse anyone. If you sign yours without a second opinion, you may find yourself entering into an unfavorable agreement. Working with an employment lawyer who has contract experience can help you avoid making this mistake.


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