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Former Fox host wants sexual harassment NDAs removed

Despite increased attention to sexual harassment on the job, Texans and people across the nation are still subjected to inappropriate behavior at work. Sometimes, people who are victimized will take solace and be inspired to speak out by prominent individuals who faced similar treatment. Unfortunately, in many cases, a non-disclosure agreement prevents them from speaking out.

Since the sexual harassment allegations by former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson against the chairman of the network Roger Ailes became public, she has been outspoken about the issue. Carlson wants other former employees at the network who were victimized and signed NDAs to be free to discuss what happened to them.

The problem as she sees it is that she and her colleagues spoke up about the sexual harassment and other misbehavior but could not tell others, nor could they correct misconceptions about it. This comes as NBCUniversal says it will allow former employees to speak out about sexual harassment despite having signed an NDA after its own scandal. Carlson was first to claim that Ailes harassed her. The NDAs prevented her and other Fox News personalities from taking part in projects about the culture at Fox and with Ailes himself.

While this issue might seem limited to those who were harassed and want to talk about it, Carlson and others show that victims have the right to notify leadership when they are subjected to employment violations at work. Sexual harassment naturally includes unwanted touching. However, it also includes inappropriate jokes, the request for sexual favors in exchange for advancement, aggressively trying to start a romance despite being rejected and more. A law firm experienced in employment violations may be able to help with a case.


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