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Union employees should understand their termination protections

Getting fired is rarely a good feeling. However, employees backed by a union may have more negotiating power. That’s because many are protected from the typical at-will employment most American workers face.

The Lone Star State may be known for its right to work policies. However, Texas has a long history of union representation in its energy sector. While membership has declined over the years, reports still show there are approximately 30,000 union-backed workers in the state’s oil and gas industry.

Union workers can still get fired

While being in a union can lower an employee’s risk of getting dismissed, illegal or unethical conduct can still lead to worker dismissal. However, union members have more rights available depending on the provisions in their contracts. When going through the termination process, union members can have the following protections when dealing with the employer:

  • They have the right to see claim evidence from the employer.
  • They have the right to union representation during termination proceedings.
  • They can’t get fired just for being part of a union.
  • Employers cannot change termination practices without notifying union members.

While these rights can provide significant benefits, union workers may be subjected to at-will employment if they’re on a probationary period.

Maneuvering this process can be challenging

While unions have significantly less power these days, those that still exist have active and proud members that support them. Union members facing potential termination by their employer may want to seek legal assistance. An attorney can address any questions and concerns they may have.


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