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Things to keep in mind when filing a discrimination complaint

Experiencing discrimination from an employer can cause significant hardship for those affected by it, especially if it resulted in a worker’s termination. Such mistreatment can negatively impact their mental health and leave them with a sense of uncertainty as to how they will feed their families and pay their bills.

In these instances, employees may want to file an employment discrimination complaint, but they may wish to do so sooner rather than later. Here in Texas, people can file a claim within 300 days if the business has 15 or more employees, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Practical tips for filing a complaint

It’s against the law for an employer to retaliate against anyone making a discrimination claim. These are a few other things one may want to consider when filing a complaint:

  • Reach out to the EEOC by phone, mail or online.
  • Review the company’s anti-discrimination policy to see if they can submit a claim with the employer directly.
  • Keep a record of when discriminatory acts occurred by recording specific dates and details to have a more thorough and accurate case.
  • Cooperate with investigators and provide them with as much information as possible.

Everyone deserves fair treatment

If the EEOC can’t settle the charges, they may notify the individual they have three months to sue the employer. If this happens, workers may want to seek legal counsel. An experienced and diligent employment law attorney can help their clients understand their rights and get them the proper compensation for their mistreatment.


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